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Ensuring Accurate Reimbursement through Proper Coding and Thorough Documentation

Accurate Coding and Thorough Documentation in San Diego

Accurate Coding and Thorough Documentation

To ensure accurate reimbursement, it is crucial to have appropriate coding, thorough and timely documentation, and knowledge about the payment system. However, it can be challenging for hospital staff, including coding, billing, nursing, and utilization review teams, to keep up with the constant changes in regulations and guidelines while fulfilling their roles. With our Auditing Solution, you can guarantee complete and accurate reimbursement through coding assessments, workflow analysis, and training.

Baseline Auditing Solutions & Support

Our team provides a range of auditing solutions to support your practice’s billing and reimbursement needs. Whether you require a baseline audit to ensure proper billing to private payers and Medicare or an ongoing assessment of reimbursement, we have the expertise to deliver the results you expect. Our full RAC Baseline Audits are designed to help you prepare for upcoming and ongoing RAC Audits.

It is worth noting that during a 12-month period, RAC Auditors collected over $700 million from hospitals and private practitioners. By partnering with us, you can take proactive steps to ensure that your practice is fully compliant and prepared to avoid potential penalties or denials.

Accurate and clean claims leading to fewer denials

High accuracy rate of 98% and full compliance with all government regulations

Assured turnaround times for timely reimbursements

All coders are covered under the company’s privacy policy to ensure HIPAA compliance

Reduced labor costs and improved accuracy through our high-quality operations, eliminating the need for recruiting and training

Coders utilize the best coding software, tools, and resources in the industry to ensure accurate and efficient coding

Highly Trained AAPC Certified Coders

Our team of certified medical coders has undergone comprehensive AAPC coding training, ensuring they are equipped with the latest knowledge of CPT /HCPCS and ICD-10 codes. In addition to using the latest coding books, our coders also have access to cutting-edge online medical coding software. This ensures that our team is well prepared to provide accurate and reliable coding services to meet your specific needs.

Accurate coding in CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS codes for different medical specialties

Compliance with insurance and government regulations for coding and billing

Expertise in payer-specific coding requirements to ensure proper reimbursement


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Branden R.
Branden R.
22:38 03 Aug 23
I spoke with Brian today from Sharp Management Solutions. He was a pleasure to chat with and he seems very knowledgeable. Having your medical billing handled by specialists seems like a great way for medical offices to spend less effort and collect more money from their patients at the same time.
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